I'm Saurav, frontend Engineer

Designing captivating, functional websites that solve problems and leave a lasting impression.

About Me I think from business stand before making the code because I believe we can code anything but the commercial part of it matters the most.

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Hey I am Saurav I'm a Frontend Developer based out of India, I am doing frontend from the age of 15 which accounts for almost 3 years of experience.

litrally I love doing things out of the box and litrally I am courageous enough to make decisions regardless of the fear. Apart from being tech person I have very good business stand as I have worked with 2️⃣ Startups as a co-founder in my early age. I'm very good at thinking from customer's POV. I understand Indian consumers very well.




Aug 2023 - Oct 2023

I worked with startup StarXMedia I was responsible for designing their dashboard with React manageing all the data fetching with Redux, and also was responsible for the refactoring the code which was written hurry and ensure the code which is being written is performant and easy to change in the future

I got to learn alot about collaboration with people, and got learn how we set up a production grade application from ground to scale it further

The Alpha Ones

The Alpha Ones
Nov 2023 - onwards

The Alpha Ones is a dynamic group of students with a passion for all things tech-related. From software development to AI/ML, UI/UX design, and hardware tech, The Alpha Ones constantly exploring the latest innovations and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

I worked on the project TAO where I re-wrote the codebase from scratch as we planned to make it more bigger while working on TAO I've collaborate with bunch of designers and backend devs to make it work

My Skills The number of technologies in which I am very proefficient, all of these spices come together to make something very tasty

Projects Explore a collection of my meticulously crafted web projects, showcasing my proficiency in modern front-end technologies.

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Project 1

CustomerCompass is a professional web app that helps businesses collect, store, and analyze customer ratings and reviews. CustomerCompass provides businesses with a powerful dashboard to understand customer sentiment, identify trends, and make informed decisions.

Software Screenshot

Project 2

Alphaone is a community of young developper from all-over the world mainly based on discord which got as ambition to revolutionize the world


Contact Get in touch with me and let's start a conversation. I'm here to listen and collaborate with you.